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Saturday, February 25, 2012

M is for Matador

Further to yesterday's rambling memory and walk in the woods; There was an article in Military Modelling or Airfix Magazine (or one of the annuals? 1983 - see article above) back in the day, showing one what could be done with the Airfix Matador kit to A) enhance it and B) convert it into various post-war civil cranes or circus wagons, this is my attempt, apologies for the over-bright flash on these...

A canvas cover over the sentries hole made from a scrap of cardboard, lightly sanded to give a texture, ladders applied below each door on the crew compartment from Plastruct railings [the Airfix kit is - obviously - configured as an artillery tractor not a GS - where you would egress from the rear only] and a space-plate on the cab, the purpose of which remained a mystery to me!

Also I gave it a trailer from the Airfix Half-track, and used the larger wheels of the half-track itself to raise the trailer a bit. We still had these trailers in Berlin and I have photo's of them somewhere, I will scan them one day, we did have the angular wheel-arched post-war ones as well, both single (for Land Rovers) and double-water carriers and GS's, but several of these old 1940/50's types were kicking around the motor-pool.

The finished article in 'Micky Mouse-eared' camouflage, I think I should have extended the darker colour over the whole of the roof, but in the field things get repainted any old how!

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