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Friday, February 10, 2012

News Views Etc...Dr Who

I will be blogging on stuff available out there at the moment in a day or two, but in the meantime these are half-here half gone...

Dr Who Adventures magazine are offering eight-each Silurians and Silence this week (starting yesterday), and offered Judoon and Ood last week, so a bit late for them but there is a back-issue system on the net somewhere...I'll look up the link later and post it here - but my diners ready!

Later the next morning!...

Well - it seems they have switched publishers in the last few weeks and thing haven't been updated for a bit, while the Back-issue service has disappeared, but they do turn up on FeeBay in the weeks after each issue, so keep an eye on that...there were Weeping Angels in two poses in November as well as re-issues of of the previous ones so it's becoming a good little series, pity about the 'Fatleks' replacing the original sculpts.


Sam's Blog said...

I want them!!
Do you know if it's possible to get them in France?

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Sam

Give me a minute to get into bed, it's freeeeezzzzing here! then I'll look up the link and post it on the thread and you can try the mail-order/back-number order route?

They are non brilliant sculpts, being soft PVC, but there are always a few that haven't slopped sideways, and you should be able to paint up a few nice ones, you know they've also done Cybermen and Sontaran Warriors, as well as old (good - gold coloured) and New 'fatlek' (bad - all colours) Daleks?

Click on the Dr. Who tag and you'll find the previous post on them with a list of issues you need to try and get hold of


Sam's Blog said...

... found that to subscribe to "Dr Who Adventures Magazine":

it works for all the countries!
To France, the price for 1 magazine is around 5€...

Maverick Collecting said...

Well that's not too bad it's £2.50 here, but I'd warn you;

1) The mag itself is crap and will take you 15 minutes to read from cover to cover - just because it's aimed at a younger audience, there is another weekly with a collectors-card gaming-system aimed at teens and a monthly aimed at older fans.

2) Although the issue of these figures is getting more frequent, they are still only on about 1 in 10 issues, so you'll have to plough through a fair bit of 'merde' to get to the good bits!!

The good news is they do re-issue the figures from time to time, so you should get all of them over time, and the four they've issued in the last two weeks are new sculpts, so they'll probably be issued again in about 6 months time?