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Monday, February 20, 2012

RP is for Régiment Parachutiste

A few more swoppet types and some foreign paratroops left over from the posts the other day, I don't know if the Argentine company of Tenco did paratroops, I have their British Infantry (copies of Herald with Timpo like bases), but if they did they'd probably look a bit like these...

...who are clearly copies of the Timpo para heads on US/German first type bodies, with a few changes, somehow these manage to look more French than anything else (or is it just me?!) so I think of them up-for a scrap in Dien Bien Phu! It's the sub-machine guns which looks a bit like the Mat-49 and the rifles which look like the M1 carbine...I think? And the lack of webbing which is usually found weighing-down British or American paras in photographs!

Above; A few Atlantic Parachutists, I've never been terribly enamoured of these 'modern' figures by Atlantic in either scale, sculpted by the same guy who worked with Co-Ma, they are a bit crude and almost 'over-done', but actually look a bit better in this scale than the HO range.

Below; Airfix 1st and 2nd types with a Polish copy to the right, these are covered elsewhere [Airfix Paratroops] and are just shown here to fill the post!


abdul666 said...

The REP wears green berets...

Maverick Collecting said...

Doh! What sort of cockamamey....sorted - Thanks!