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Monday, February 27, 2012

S is for Sandown Park

Not as late as last time, this is the plunder-haul from the Sandown Park toy-fair last weekend, I seemed to get a bit more than in November, but spent about the same, not that I was counting - every purchase at the moment is one that can only be justified by some pretty twisted logic!

Vehicular buys - The helicopter top-left will be seen again here so that's enough of that...very pleased with the Wells Brimtoy Radar truck, there is a crack on the dish (which made it affordable!) that will mend with a bit of nail-varnish remover (or even nail-varnish?!) and brings to three my collection of the military trucks in this series. Ths chap I bought it off has quite a collection of these and is hoping to get a book out at some point on both these early ones (Cellulose-acetate Beford RL - or 'S' type/Big Bedford in civi-street) with the push-and-go mechanism and the later generic squared-cab polyethylene ones with or without motor.

The cap bomb is interesting as it's the Merit marked original, not one of the many Hong Kong versions. Two cereal premiums and two HK road-rollers made up the rest of the vehicles.

The figures were an eclectic mix with metal, rubber and plastic taken-in. Vaguely clockwise round the two Arabs which are Speedwell and at a pound a piece - a bit of a bargain;

The seated cowboy comes off a die-cast stagecoach I can never remember the name of, a Cherilea mounted guardsman, two Galanites, but from the US in soft ethylene polymer not the hard plastic of Co-Ma originals and two of the rubber-sucker versions of the LP robots, with a 50mm copy of an LP astronaut beneath them.

The six combat infantry are for a book project, quite common but this was a 'clean' sample and has 4 marked UNA and two unmarked in a slightly darker plastic but the same paint-job as the UNA ones pointing to further evidence of the connections between Kentoys and these other early British companies and their copies of Britains and Timpo.

The Crescent confederate was an impulse buy (to make-up the value of a pick-n-mix lot) and is not that special, either by way of rarity or his paint finish. Then a metal porter from Mastermodels, a Crescent semaphore signaller with both flags attached and a much-needed Vickers MG for the Skybirds. Next to them is an American solid sailor which the seller thought was a home-cast, but I think I've seen in a boxed ship set, like Timpo with their out-of-scale pilots and lead aircraft sets.

To his left is a nice HK copy of a Crescent cowboy and above them 6 rather nice lead flats of what I guess are Prussians, three Jaeger and three helmeted somebodies (foot-chasseurs?)!

The other image is of some larger HK Cowboys and Indians, the single bagged and carded, the double was bagged but not carded so maybe the contents of the business-section of a Christmas cracker? The small one was not a Saturday buy, just there for scale.

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