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Monday, March 5, 2012

C is for Command

You didn't think I was going to fob you off with one photo' of three paratroopers in two poses tonight, did you? How could you think so low of me! These are the rest of the 'command' group, that I think the two green berets from the Legion (post below) are supposed to go with.

A white-helmeted Monkey and three Charlies in the standard blue and red kepi. Actually there are only two Charlie poses, but one of them has alternate arms either holding binoculars or a swagger-stick.

Where you find brass, you find barracks, where you find barracks you find Stags, this stag is helmeted and probably sold as a stand-alone tourist item? Both scenics are Starlux.

For the uninitiated;

Charlies = Henrys = Rodneys = Officer Class (Brass)
Monkeys = Red Caps = The Military Police
Stag = Stag guard, stag duty or 'stagging-on' (going on guard duty)

['Regimental Police' are just fat, bald, can't-pass-a-BFT-so-send-him-to-HQ Company, useless, filthy, swine - hey Joe? Leave it Hugh, it was a long time ago!]

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