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Monday, March 5, 2012

FFL is for French Foreign Legion

I've been fighting with the labels/tag list all weekend, but I think I'm wining, however lots of work still to do there, while I was visiting all my old posts, it struck me that the blurb varies greatly from post to post (apart from the fact that the early posts all have an 'info. above the photo' format), sometimes due to laziness versus an attack of verbiage, sometimes because the photographs or subject matter are pretty self explanatory against other times the subject needing a full explanation...

...with this lot - for instance - you don't want a lot of waffle from me, they are well known and dealt with in several publications, so I don't have to type much (more!)...

Starlux, Officer of the French Foreign Legion; 54mm on the left, late - unpainted 30mm in the middle and a 25mm to the right.

Support company lay down some covering fire while the flame-thrower works round the flank protected by a couple of riflemen - all 25mm. The rock formations are Starlux, I'm not sure about the pine-tree vignette in orangey-yellow cellulose acetate! But it is almost certainly French production.

We've seen these before on the blog, the end-of-the-road-show produced these unpainted boxed sets still on the sprue.

A scan of an old photograph previously published in Plastic Warrior's off-shoot - One Inch Warrior, in black & white, my 25mm FFL musicians.

Er...That's it!

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