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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

H is for Helmets

These are the Starlux helmeted infantry, and can be used as 1950's GI's, Bundeswehr or similar troops, although they will have been meant to be French Infantry or Foreign Legion.

The main shot here shows a group of these figures in a marbled plastic. The photograph bottom right shows an early figure with round base and an intermediate one with painted neck-tie and shell-case along with two late examples.

The lower left shot has various treatments of the stretcher-team and medic, early round-based to the left and a very late apple-green one to the top right, note he has a third base type - square, rather than the common oblong.

Like all Starlux they are produced in various sizes and finishes, the upper shot has figures in 35mm supplied to Solido and issued with their military vehicles in UN markings, the lower image has more die-cast accessories, the biggest is another Solido supply, this time unpainted, the two seated figures seem to be for a smaller model (Majorette or French Dinky?) while the last figure is from a turret or cupola, I have since - these images were taken - acquired a late apple-green version of this figure (with both hands!) so the model he was supplied for must have been on the market for a while.

25/30mm helmeted figures in various finishes, plastic colours and paint styles, note the sand bases on some of the dark plastic ones, the occasional painting of white gaiters, and a Solido type one in the smaller size.

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