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Friday, March 9, 2012

A is for Allemands

Right - That's enough ships, back to Starlux for a quick look at what was - in my opinion - one of the best sets they did, lots of poses, different arm variants, well sculpted, the only guy in a zeltbahn in any scale for years...

Standard 25mm and a Solido commissioned 35mm figure with the basic flesh paint-job, one day I intend to have a serious go at producing the correct camouflage for the zeltbahn, after which he will probably replace my Airfix German Para' officer as 'last man standing'!

The 'standing around' poses, several of the figures came with separate arms and in the factory they chose one at random, there must have been a whole bucket of spares chucked back into the hopper from time to time, but what happened to the last few dozens of arms at the end of the run...

Some of the more combative figures, they have a bit of the look of the Comet/Authenticast metal figures by Eriksson about them pose-wise and were quite a late set so do still turn-up from time to time although the 54mm ones seem more common.

Close-up of the box which has been seen here before, if you find the version with the German sprue in it (I haven't yet), you get the extra arms to fix yourself. If I had one criticism of them it's that like the Airfix 2nd version, they are a bit sanitised or clean and parade-groundy, as if they are re-doing the invasion of Poland for Leni Riefenstahl's cameras, somewhere on the Lüneburg Heath!

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