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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

M is for More again; More Starlux...

A round-up that will serve as an introduction as it will always appear at the top of the posts below in tag-searches for Starlux.

The top image shows how they used the same pose over and over again, they are all slightly different, so it was copying not pantographing, the final figure is probably a home-cast piracy.

The middle image is a scale comparison, with 25 and 60mil Paratroopers (regular not FFL!) and an early infantryman in 50mm with his 25mm compatriot. Also the Accessories - in this case a range-finder in 25 and 54/60mm were reproduced in different sizes.

The last photograph starts with 40mm figures on the left and runs down to a 20mm sailor. The guy with the side-cap and briefcase is actually from a range of O-gauge - otherwise - civilian figures supplied to or for model railways. Then there are 40 and 35 mil Solido figures, 25mm helmeted figures (one - the Bazooka No.2 is only about 23mm) and the sailor, although the sailors, pirates and Civilians were reproduced in both 20mm and 1:87th/HO-gauge, the military don't seem to have been.

Bazooka No.2 in 23'ish and 54mm (1:32 scale) along with various plastic colour treatments for the accessories, the 54mil one is an early production figure again - with the ovoid base. For some reason Starlux never painted the bases of the support weapons and accessories, if they had they would have matched their figures better?

French Paratroop mortar-line, with a bit of a scrap going on at the far end! The ones with the darker berets have been 'worked on' to create British para's with the beret flattened to the other side and I think the jackets have been painted too. They looked so casually painted I didn't put them in the paint stripper that the rest of the lot received, they now languish in a bag waiting a better paint-job!

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