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Friday, March 23, 2012

News, views etc...Plastic Warrior 147 (February 2012)

Forgot to cover this when it came out the other week so quick review now. Since it went all colour on us - a couple of years ago now - it has got better and better, so to this issue;

* Peter Evans looks at Marx swoppet Guardsmen and Mexican Copies
* Cherilea Diddy-Men by Colin Penn
* Matt Thair continues his round-up of Cherilea's British Commandos (part 2).
* A look at a new maker with Scott Lam's thoughts on his new company Expeditionary Force
* Coverage of other new products from
- Kid Robot
- Armies in Plastic
Dollar Tree and Accoutrements via Paul Stads
* Rare/unusual Timpo Box from Karl James
* Elastolin Copies
* Daniel Morgan has an in-depth look at Britains/Herald Ballet Dancers
* Lone Star test shots and rarities
* Developments in Gerald Edwards research of Poplar Plastics, both Spacemen and Romans
* ...and Alwyn Bryce finding mysteries where there probably aren't any, but we must humour him - he's a journalist!
* Plus all the usual news & letters (BMS French Foreign Legion), and front and back cover pictures that are worth a years subscription by themselves, so subscribe!

And don't forget;

Forthcoming PW show at Richmond confirmed for the 5th May at the Queen Charlot Halls, Richmond, Surrey.

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