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Thursday, March 15, 2012

P is for Pompier....' i!

Well I said we'd look at a couple more of the Italian sets, and this is my favourite of the three in my collection, we have looked at the Firemen before (Starlux Firemen), but I seemed to cover only a few of them so no harm if we have another look...

A close-up of the figures and the box with it's lid on, also the box from the late unpainted issues; you can just about see the fireman on the deck of the landing vessel in the background!

With this set the artwork is everything and the reason it's my favourite, I have quite a decent (not large) side-collection of 'Adult' comics and graphic novels with the work of Mobius, Milo Manara and Drillet to the fore, but as a youngster I was drawn to the cartoons of people like, Degano, Mordillo, and Serrano and this artwork is very reminiscent of some of their stuff.

If anyone can identify the unnamed illustrator I'd be very interested to know who he is, the firemen look a lot like some of the characters from the opening and closing scenes in Yellow Submarine, that seminal work of animation attached to some music by a Northern beat-combo who's name escapes me!

Sadly -
Jean Giraud who's pen name was Moebius died last Saturday, at the youngish age of 73, but he's had a bloody-good innings and left a body of fine works as a memorial/testament to his passing through this world. I'd recommend him to anyone with an off-beat sense of imagination or an appreciation of the drafters art; his economy of line and the little hidden gems in the backgrounds make going back to his work a pleasure - time and again.

One of the figures missing from my loose sample is the hose-head guy (left), also; a close up of the diving team, comparison of the two rope-carriers (early version on the left) and a better/different angle on the ladder-climber.


Scott B. Lesch said...

OH MERDE! Mobius passed away. I used to follow his work in HEAVY METAL back in the 1980s.

Hugh Walter said...

Hi Scott

Yes - I first discovered HM in French - in Germany! - as a kid, then followed it in English, bought religiously every month from the PX in the American sector of Berlin.

By the time I 'got out' Forbidden Planet in London had started importing it so I followed it for a few more years, but haven't bought a copy for over 8 years now, it all got a bit tame and/or formulaic, using the 'New Generation' artists from 2000AD and the Super-hero comics (which I also think have lost their way (but have found new commercial success - 'lowest common denominator' I'm afraid!).

I have managed to get Issue 1, 2 and 4 though from a collectors shop in Kingston which has sadly now closed, but Yeh...what will we do without him?

Re-read the old stuff, there's always something new in it!

Cheers - Hugh