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Thursday, March 8, 2012

S is for Ships (and other vessels); Part 3 - Common or garden!

This set/range is by far the commonest of the Hong Kong stuff, not least because being made of polyethylene is relatively indestructible, albeit; prone to losing the small parts that plug-in.

Limited to five vessels which will be copies of something better issued previously in the West (Tri-ang Minic?) the range included two liners; one large and converted into a hospital-ship with a crude cross carved into the mould, the other small; a carrier with various aircraft and two warships; one battleship/cruiser type thing and a smaller vessel.

Two more carded sets, these all have copies of the old Monogram/Revell GI's, and a couple have the mini-truck copies of Dinky's Humber 1-t0n. Sizes are;

Carrier - 18cm
Battleship/Cruiser - 14cm
Hospital Ship - 14cm
Small Liner - 11cm
Frigate/Destroyer - 92mm

They are about the size of the Airfix waterline series, or at least the small fighting vessel looks a bit like my memories of a Tribal Class Destroyer twin-pack I once made a complete mess of!

Some close-ups of the various vessels abroad, the green is usually reserved for the carrier, but as you can see a green Frigate/destroyer has turned up. Also the silver varies from a pale grey through to a gun-metal colour.

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