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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

S is for Shrubbery! "We are no longer the Knights who like to say 'Ni'..."

As well as collecting things some might be embarrassed to have in their collections, I have always picked-up and added to my own collection scenic items that 'fit' or which were issued by the companies that make the figures. Starlux being a case in point, with the added bonus that as most of their scenics are flat or semi-flat they make for good background pieces with shelf-displays.

Trees and shrubs. As I pointed out the other day; I'm not 100% sure on the origin of the stand of fir trees in the centre of this shot, under the paint it's a semi-translucent orangey-yellow polymer, possibly an earlier cellulose-acetate, and is quite unlike the other plants which are A) flat colours under the paint, and B) stand-alone items.

The rock formations

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