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Thursday, March 8, 2012

S is for Ships (and other vessels); Part 2 - Bath toys and 'boxed'

These are my favourites of all the Hong Kong ship sets, they have a toy charm that you can't put your finger on, they seem to be original designs not piracies, they are 'pretty colours' - what's not to like!

Invasion Fleet - because everybody's LCT's are the same size as their carriers, aren't they!, these are probably meant to be bath toys despite the inclusion of the figure blister, there are no sharp edges or small pieces to brake or get lost.

A close-up of the carded set, when you scroll to the Submarines (two posts below) you'll see a note next to the Missile-armed one suggesting it belongs to a set like this, and you can see from the sub. included in this set what I mean.

A loose carrier of 10cm in length, I love the rakish flight-line in bright vermilion strokes and the hull-sculpting, I'm sure you're meant to float it!

They also appear in the non-carded bags, probably from confectionery 'lucky-bags', Christmas crackers or bulk-bags of party favours. Along with copies of first version Airfix figures and an MPC 'Mini's' aeroplane.

This Woolbro set has appeared here before, these are similar to the Lucky Toys vessels in Part 1 (above), but much smaller at 70mm. If you remove the hull though you get a good warship around 1:1200?...ish! Both these sets have polystyrene ships, with other accessories in soft plastic.

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