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Monday, April 2, 2012

A is for Angel...Airfix Angel

...coming at you out of the sun, to do some worthy stuff! The Airfix Captain Scarlet 'Angel Interceptor' piloted by Destiny Angel*. This came via a mixed lot from a car-boot sale years ago, in a hell of a state and several pieces, however all the pieces were there except some pitot-tube/sensor-probe thing [*] coming out of the top of the nose which still needs to be fashioned from stretched sprue, but I'm waiting for a piece of white Airfix sprue of the right age and if I wait any longer there will be no point in posting it as I believe this model is scheduled for a re-release from Hornby - if it hasn't already hit the stores?

[*It's actually the cannon! How many times have I looked at the old box art! So: complete...?]

I had to remove a lot of yellowing glue-stains with very gentle scraping of the bodywork using a new scalpel blade, then put everything back together with a modern non-staining liquid poly-cement and er...that was it! Luckily the canopy was not too bad, and I've held it in place with one of these non-invasive aqueous liquids railway and car modellers use to create window glazing, and apart from a set of transfers - still to be found - was going to leave it like this.

I will get one of the re-issues and give it a wacky 'Trigan Empire' paint job with panel wash and staining, move the canards to either side of the nose rather than under it, and give it some landing gear from an airliner - multiple wheels instead of skids (maybe the Concord quadruple wheel arrangement?) and turn either the wings or the tail the other way up so that the geometry of the tips match, but this one is in a near perfect 'out-the-box' state now and can stay that way!

* Other 'Angels' were available and your statutory rights are not affected by this fact.


Gog said...

Interesting! I have the same model die-cast in blue from an unknown company (nothing written on the toy), I keep it with my Pilen planes because it is almost identical in size and style. I also have two or three more that I guess they could belong together. I write this down, and I'll try to photograph it (one more!) sometime, to see if somebody can recognise them.

A quick google search shows very cool toys from this series, including dinky cars, scale sets, plastic guns and more...

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Gog - Yes we liked our Gerry Anderson!

To identify the metal one your best bet is to ask the guys over at Moonbase Central (projectsword.blogspot), they are a font of knowledge on Sci-fi stuff from the 1950's to the present...

L.A.Santiago said...

Me encantan Thunderbirs , capitán escarlata, joe 90.....toda una época

Maverick Collecting said...

Por lo que hago LA, gracias