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Saturday, April 7, 2012

T is for ToyMark

Breathe deeply...calm down...ffffwwooooooossssssssss...arah! That's better...here's a gratuitous picture of a 'plane, everybody likes a picture of a 'plane don't they?

The best plane ever built; a Hawker Harrier VTOL 'Jump-jet' from ToyMark under guard in a farmyard somewhere in the Sauerland, that's it really...it's a Harrier (the prototype was called a Kestrel or something? Ptarmigan? Pheasant? Foxbat! No...that was OpFor!), by Hawker Aviation (actually this one's probably meant to be by MacDonald Douglas!), the best 'plane ever built (except for Concord, the SR71...) under guard (he's asleep), in a picture (it's fake - it's a toy!)...by ToyMark - box ticked.


Paul said...

Great looking toy. USMC AV-8A with a RN Tail symbol. You cannot get much better than that Hugh!

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks Paul - it's probably on loan!!

I have a terrible confession to make as it happens, re. ready-made 'planes...

Years ago I found a large (1:48?) model of either a Jaguar or Tornado at a car boot sale, it had some damage and I looked at it and thought should I try mending it? Decided against it and took a hammer to it to get the pilot out! He's still in a bag marked "came with (whatever) fighter", the sin being that it was a fibreglass defence-industry desk model of some quality!

Hay Ho!

Caballerodecopas said...

It's a great plane :) I love to collect planes too. I have the same plane of the same mark. I buyed that when I had 16yo in 1999. But I have the Harrier in the gray/light gray camo and the F-16C that came in the set with the Harrier. Just now I have both planes in my room near to my Redbox Aircraft Carrier. Greetings from Peru. the confession of Maverick is really sad! :.( I ever feel sad when one of my planes brokes no matter if it's small or big.

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks C

Glad you found it! I won't link to any of your sites as it probably wouldn't go down well with some of my Middle-American (or Middle-aged!!) visitors...