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Thursday, May 31, 2012

News, Views Etc...Links

Some time ago in my late show report for Dave McKenna's Autumn show in Birmingham, I mentioned the Gloucestershire Regiment mug I bought
and how I'd lost the guy's details! Well - I've now fond them and can report that he is called Tristram Carter, can be contacted by eMail here;


And there is a website here;

QM's Locker

He is very approachable and was looking for ideas that could be transferred to mug decoration, so if you have a war gaming or role-play club or society, it might be worth getting in touch with him. There is an issue with dishwashers due to the type of decoration used (some modern convergence technology - favourite word at the moment!...laser-printing?), and they probably need to be kept out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods, but the level of detail is what counts, and...Well; go and have a look for yourselves!

While I'm sorting out business cards...a chap called Kevin was asking for help at the recent Sandown Park toy fair, he's looking specifically for old fireworks, yes - you read that right; Old Fireworks, although he is obviously interested in packaging and ephemera as well, it's the fireworks he's really after, either 'live' or shop display dead'uns! Anybody who can help can eMail him here;


Or, I have 'phone-numbers if you think you have something that will be of interest to him.

I have a roughly 1/72 scale London bus-shaped box for Tom Smith's indoor fireworks which I have promised him, but not until I've posted it here, and despite getting it out 2 or 3 times in the last couple of years - to photograph - I keep putting it away again un-shot...doh!

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