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Friday, June 29, 2012

News, Views etc...Post rate to increase

Well...it looks like we've got the laptop which Google will accept to talk to the router it wouldn't talk to, so the laptop Google wouldn't accept, but which could talk to the router will now be donated to the IT Maintainence course at Enham Alamien for students to wonder at!

And thus - from next week - hopefully, a return to a better level of service for followers of this blog. I have about 15 articles on Corgi and Husky in the pipeline along with the stuff that's been in the queue for a few months now (large scale French troops and Bullfighters), there's a quickie on New Metal to come and I've been getting help from Bernard Taylor with an overview of Hornby Dublo/Railways/Hobbies, Tri-ang and co.

I've also been contacted by an ex-employee of Bluebird who has pointed me in the direction of some new/background information on the company and with the original set of posts being among the most popular I've done; will start to prepare a follow-up on them.

Guards musicians are going to get a pretty thorough overview as well, and if I'm doing all the Hornby/Corgi civilian stuff I might try to cover the Matchbox ouvre in the near future. There is also some new acquisitions to look at, some more bits from the 'show and tell', a metal war-games article I took the photographs for before Christmas and a few other bits, so there should be something for everyone in the next few weeks.

In the meantime I have kept myself busy with the CAD course and have passed my level 2's in 2D and can now claim to be a junior level bona fide Cad-monkey!

Also while I note the counter has reset itself to zero - again! I know we're over the 2K mark, which is really quite amazing and represents about 200 regulars and 60-odd casual visitors per week, so thanks again for all you support and contributions.

Watch this space!



Paul´s Bods said...

What are you using for a counter? I want one like it for my car :-D

Gog said...

Interesting, what do you mean with Corgi, Husky and Matchbox? I only the the figures that came with some cars, trucks or whatever, and some paralell lines like for example the Airfix-like soldiers by Matchbox...

By the way, I had a few figures and objects to identify by Corgi (or similar). One of them is the woman from the Daktari set, but I have some others that I couldn't find yet.

I'll wait to read those articles. And great that you're posting again often (or more often).

Maverick Collecting said...

Paul - It was reading 197somthing and I had 40-odd before Blogger/Google gave us the 'stats' in '09, so I've rounded them both down and added them together! It'll be back to 0 within four months, if not a week or two - you watch!

Gog - exactly that; all the pesky little bits and bobs that come with the vehicles and play-sets, it won't be all of them as some are in the unknown boxes (small Husky policeman) others are in the Matchbox box, and some are in the Superhero's box (all the Batman and Robins, Spideys and Hulks!), but it'll hopefully help ID a fair few of them...and if I do find the Matchbox box this weekend we'll have all them up soon as well...and some of the missing Corgi! Dinky are deep in the storage unit and will have to wait a year or two!!

Maverick Collecting said...

Paul - Told you! It was back to zero before I'd driven from one end of the county to the other...I give up!