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Monday, July 9, 2012

H is for Husky

I will be covering all the Corgi I can in the next few weeks, along with all the train stuff, but both are still works in progress and it will be a few more days before I start posting them. However, having seen these recently described as Triang Modeland in a definitive work the other day, I thought I'd put the record straight! Ooh, I'm mean.

The top photograph shows 1671, the reason it's not on a green background is that it was missing a figure when I took the main set of images, but I had got the missing figure at Plastic Warrior in Richmond in May, and although I recognised it, thought (assumed!) I had it. Anyway to cut a long anecdote short - it was 'here', while the rest were 'there', so when I realised it was in the bag from a mate of mine (thanks Gareth - from Morgan Miniatures - see link to right) I got the rest from there and took another photo...here - it was the lady with the basket!

Below is a carded example of the range, with the complete second set; 1672. Note how the first set has a bin-man you'd expect to find with the other in the second set?

The second set again, the only real variant with these figures was the paint, and really only the blue and the tan/brown which both changed over time. There are slight size and pose variations but that is almost certainly due to the material - PVC vinyl, the size (small) and the usual problems of shrinkage and deformation due to cooling with this polymer.

1673 had 6 figures along with the last set in the range, there was also a detachable wheel which as far as I know seems to be the wheel used on earlier Huskys; before the little grey plastic wheels were used.

The last set; this is the set that confuses the uninitiated, as there are two poses that are similar to the Triang Modeland/MinicMotorway sets (which will be covered soon), namely; the school crossing 'lollipop' man and one of the policemen. However with one set being exquisite HO gauge polystyrene figures almost certainly designed by the master sculptor; Stadden, and the other set being Hong Kong sourced 25mm PVC lumps, the difference is there to be understood!

I am still missing one pose from this set; a policeman with dog, he is a scale-down of the Corgi moulding we will be looking at in the next few weeks, as is the one in the lower shot here. I think I have him somewhere but he wasn't in the 'Unknown Public Service' box, so I may not have him at all, if anyone can supply an image I'll stick it here to complete the article. This set also has 6 figures.

07/10/2012 - Futher Info now posted HERE

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