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Sunday, July 15, 2012

News, views etc...Plastic Warrior 148 (July 2012)

The latest issue of Plastic Warrior has come out and is - as always - packed with interesting bits and bobs, among which are;

* A very interesting follow-up to the Marx Capus Cuties from issue 146 by Mark Hegeman
* WW2 French Conversions from Giamperio Larizza (who has a new Toy Soldier blog on Wordpress)
* Matt Thair continues his round-up of Cherilea's British Commandos (part 3).
* Crescent Oddities
* Coverage of other new products from
- Lancashire Painted Soldiers (Painting service)
- Toy Soldiers of San Diego (TSSD - Tombstone Collection)
- Replicants (Culloden)
- Paragon (US Cavalry)
- Ivanhoe (1980's Afghans)
- Barzo (AWI)
- Supreme/SP in Tiger packaging (they are also now in Halsall!)
* Tibidab0 - Giampiero Larizza and Antonio Ballarini
* Large Scale news from Peter Evans (Papo, Bully, ELC, Revell and Schlicht)
* LJN swoppets (well; 'swivel-heads'!) also from Peter Evans
* Lone*Star Vehicle variants from Daniel Lepers
* Book reviews on two new titles from Spain
* Plus all the usual news & letters with figures from around the world (Tipple Topple [Austria], Spojnia [Poland] and Russian figures), and the usual special shots on front and back covers.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hue . Hope all is well . Ken

Maverick Collecting said...

Fine dude - and despite being homeless again, your tanks are with me (or get-at-able)!!

Gog said...

Hi Hugh,
Can I read that somewhere or is it a "paper" magazine? the Lone Star variants article is very appealing to me.

Maverick Collecting said...

You have to subscribe dude! Follow the link at the top of the page on the righthand side...'THE' Plastic Warrior magazine.

PS - got you email - will reply before I head up the wooden steps tonight!