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Monday, July 2, 2012

T is for Two - New Metal

By way of getting back into posting gently, a bit of a box ticking/tag-list increasing exercise here! These two are probably covered in grater depth in Stuart Asquith's book on 'New Metal', but as it's in storage with everything else at the moment, I can't check.

I rather like these, from Metal & Soul they are around 40mm, and look to be commercially painted, they seem to be a magazine subscription part-work by Andrea Miniatures for someone like Del Prado or De Agostini? I have found a few others on eBay, and a Japanese Naval Officer on a Japanese retail shop web-page. Other than that, I can't tell you much else; Last ten years - probably? 

These were also for sale from the same vendor, and are by a company called Mulberry Miniatures, again Google doesn't reveal much - a possible connection with King & Country (bought them out?) a possible location in Lewes, Sussex and a possible sculptor and/or painter in Gavin Collins - again quite recent I would imagine?

These look to have been home-painted from bare castings, but that may just be the age/tatty condition combining with the paint-style to make them appear worse than they were in the retailers cabinet!


Giano said...

Hi! as for the first two figures, they're very likely from a collection issued by DeAgostini more or less ten years ago - maybe year 2000? don't know for sure.
The markings under the base are the same, and the manufacturing and painting style are very similar. So I'd say they're from "seconda guerra mondiale - soldatini di piombo", collection issued by DeAgostini-Hachette here in Italy. They quite often turn out at flea markets, together with figures from other collections.
I hope I've been useful, sorry I can't tell more than that.

Hugh Walter said...

Very useful Giano, it confirms a suspicion and one can't ask for more than that! Thanks for the visit and the comment...H

Giano said...

You're welcome! ;)

Anonymous said...

No Your Wrong - There ALL Mulberry Miniatures - Mulberry started in 1989 - finished in 2002. All 3 Figures are from a Trade pack that went out in 2001. Their painter was very ill with Cancer at this stage. Thus the painting maybe a bit tired - the 2x redcoats are both 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers - the greenjacket is a 5th Battalion 60th Rifles.

Mulberry Miniatures was never part of Del Prado ......and they were never bought out by King and Country.

Mulberry had some great figures including Napoleonic, English Civil War, American Revolutionary War and Medieval. The King Arthur Knights set is VERY SOUGHT AFTER. as is the Battle of Poitiers / Agincourt Chess Set.

The Napoleonic Figures - best sets were Scotland Forever - Empress Dragoons Full Charge, 1st and 2nd Lancers of the Guard Full Charge....Military Hobbies Magazine Quoted them as the Best Napoleonic Cavalry Manufactures of thier time. ....

Hugh Walter said...

"No Your Wrong"

Well...I'm not 'wrong' am I? I covered myself with three 'possible's, an 'imagine' and a 'look like' along with a plethora of question marks, therefore indicating that nothing concrete is to be taken from the text!

As four years have gone by since I posted, it's nice to know that more information is now to be found on them, and thank you for leaving it here for others to enjoy.

Don't take such heart from what magazines say, they are a part of the 'promotional exercise' and these are not the best figures I've seen, but a long-shot, irrespective of the painting!

Strange how the mildly abusive comments are always the anonymous, cowardly, cowardice of fat, grey, middle-class, middle-management cowards?


Hugh Walter said...

Meanwhile - Giano - was talking about the figures in the other image!

Hugh Walter said...

And...it's 'You're'...as in - 'you are', and 'They're' as in - 'They are'...another thing about anonymous comments: they're usually semi-literate!