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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

GI is for Galvanised Iron - apparently!

Taking the photographs for the Triang 'Battle Space' commandos the other day, allowed me to take some more general photographs of the rest of the contents of the 'Blue Box - Loose Figures' box, and as a result here are the G.I.'s from Blue Box's 50mm range.

The six poses on the left with rear views of - on the left of each pair - the earlier, better-painted versions and on the right; the simpler paint of later issues. Earlier ones have the same yellow webbing detail of the smaller sized figures, and more brown belts or black holsters etc...

A later issue was totally unpainted and while I thought I'd taken a shot of them I haven't, but the chap on the left of two of the above images is uncommon, also unpainted he has a moulded-on version of the square base I provisionally gave to one of the Australians (Aussies) the other day when we looked at them. In its loose form it is commonly issued with the farmhand (and possibly one version of the gorilla), and we will be coming back to it in the next few days.

The other shot is just a size comparison between the 25mm figures (here a late unpainted, soft plastic one) and their 50mm brethren.

A couple more size comparisons and a shot of the radio operator to show the range of plastic colours these chaps came in, the left hand one is an early full-paint, the right hand one is a late figure, the one in between has some extra paint on the pouches/holster as an interim version. As material costs rise the paint quality drops!


Paul´s Bods said...

and I always thought G.I was Government issue! You learn something new all the time eh?.

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes - I knew there was a long-standing argument between 'General' & 'Government' and 'Issue' & 'Infantryman', turns out they're all derivatives!