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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

T is for Toy...Story

Currently available from Poundstore here in the UK, the lack of English on the packaging would seem to suggest that these have been bought-in as clearance from an European distributor. Clearly designed to support the Parachute-drop rides that have been going-in to the various Disneyland theme-parks over the last year or so, these are brilliant.

Somewhere between 54 and 6omm they will go equally well with either. I have a sub-collection of parachutists and 'poopa-troopers' so couldn't resist these when I saw them on Friday last. There are various sets of figures based on these movie-heroes - not least the Lego squad with Jeep, but - as a kid - you can't beat chucking something like these out of the bedroom window and running downstairs to see if you can beat them down (you can't!), so get some now while they have lots, they'll make excellent stocking fillers/tree-treats this coming Christmas whether y0u're expecting small visitors...or have rug-rats of your own!

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