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Monday, August 13, 2012

T is for Two - Old Metal

A couple of quick posts this evening - if I get round to both of them! I will be doing more on the blog over the next few days hopefully, some of it will not be liked by some of you but Hey!...it's my blog and there's only so much you can say that's strictly Toy Soldier related before you realise there's more to life.

Therefore I intend to close the other two sites ('Airfix Blog' will stay - I might even get some more shit up there soon!), import all their postsover to here, retitling/re-tagging them and continuing here with more of a mix. A lot has happened to me in the last four years which is not reflected in the asinine saccharine stuff here, or the neutral posts over at 'Gardening Blog', while I've never found the time for 'Political Blog'.

To make the posts more relevant - when they are non-Toy Soldier - I will try to illustrate them with figure photographs, but the gardening and wildlife stuff will stay 'as is'. And there will be more pontificating. Also some of the blog-links will be thinned out to make way for the links on the other pages.

I got these some time ago, can't remember now if it was last October at Birmingham or this May just gone at Richmond, but a mate had had them come in with a lot of other stuff and let me have them at cost-plus!

A mixture of Rose and Higgins, old-school figures (most back in production - I think?), old school paint. Designed in the' olden-days' to complement Airfix (or improve on them!!) and I'm not 100% on the horses being matched-up with the correct riders!

Rose British Infantry of the Wellingtonian period (brilliant - doesn't get a spell-check any more, started using it on the Hat forum back in '07!) in two poses, both similar to the Airfix figures, but - I'm reliably informed (by those guys at the bar who are always so willing to 'inform' on these matters) more accurate.

The Higgins figures with both stove-pipe and er...non-stove-pipe (?) Shakos, along with close-ups of the markings for both makers. The Rose marking is poor, but as well as buying them some time ago I took the photo's a while back and ain't gonna' take them again.

I personally don't feel the sculpt-quality of the Rose figures is as good as the slave-market girlies we looked at here; Rose Miniatures, but the Higgins are very well done.

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