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Friday, September 14, 2012

A is for Autumn

The sun setting over the fields behind May's Wood to the West of Enham Alamein Last week


remaras said...
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Anonymous said...

Except we never really got round to having a summer here, just a couple of hot days a few weeks ago!

Gog said...

Hi Hugh,

Nice picture!

But I came here because I am looking for an entry you once wrote with a Land-Rover, I can't remember the maker of the toy, just a few details: military, british made, suspension, I left a comment... I think it would be a good idea to add Blogger's search app to Small Scale World. I have it in my blog, and nobody uses it, but who knows? in cases like this (where tags do not help), it could be useful!


Anonymous said...

Hi Gog - I can't log into my Blog at the moment!! And crashed the Library PC's five times on Friday - so it's lucky it's letting me write this!!

You're looking for the Britians Landrover...click on Britains down the right hand side and scroll through the Guards and Bandsmen, it should have been posted last Autumn or early Spring this year?!!


Maverick Collecting said...

Remaras wrote;

Just when you thought summer would never end, Fall begins. Soon the carefree days of summer will be just memory.


Can't agree more, Autumn has hit suddenly and with a vengeance here!


Maverick Collecting said...

Gog - you are looking for the Britains Land Rover, posted about 9 - 12 months ago, try 'Briatins' in the tag list, should be after the recent Guards stuff abd around the same time as the 'Deetail' stuff last autumn or early spring 2012.


Gog said...

Thanks, yes, I have just found it...
You use a lot of tags, but they need some "memory" on the reader side, otherwise...

Maverick Collecting said...

...you will have to ask!! haha! I tried to tell you several times where they were, but this new and unimproved Blogger has been deleting all anonymous comments despite my allowing them! And for the last two weeks I could only post anonymously because it wouldn't recognise me!

Then I finally got it to recognise me on Wednesday and it 'lost' the comment when I up-loaded it! luckily I borrowed some Internet last night to finally leave a comment on my own Blog...what a pa-lava!

I've now topped-up the stupid, slow speed, cant find its own signal Vadafone dongle, and should get some serious Blogging done if the weather stays wet!