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Sunday, September 30, 2012

F is for Farm Folk

Starting to work through a few of the smaller offerings from the Marx 'Miniature Masterpiece' range, we begin with the civilian 'crystal box' sets of farm animals and people.

The four larger sets, I have no contents for set 4, and can't tell you what they might be! But the backing card is the correct design. If anyone has a shot of the contents I could Photoshop in, that would help everyone, if anybody has a spare set 4; I have some ACW sets for swaps.

Due to the smaller sizes of the some of the animals, the 'count' tends to be slightly higher than some of the other sets in this range (Wild West and ACW), but the human figure count is down on the ACW sets, at six per card. Glued-in with the same dark brown evostick-like substance as the Blue Box miniatures, there are more clues to the link between the two.

The smaller sets; 1-6, top left to bottom right with 3 missing completely this time! Again - I have a couple of small ACW sets if anyone wants to do a straight swap. When I was a kid these sets were great favourite as take-home gifts from other peoples Birthday Parties and I always assumed they would all line-up with the backing cards matching...they don't! Ah...the dreams of youth shattered on the anvil of adulthood!

These have four human figures and a lower count of animals. The calf at the far end of set 4 is the Corgi calf reduced in size, Blue Box also carried copies of this animal, albeit in a larger size.

A few lose bits and pieces, the figures are a bit large for 20/25mm war games (recent comments on another post in mind), but the animals can be utilised. I think the cows above have be 'enhanced' by a previous owner, while the poultry are really fine little mouldings.

The figures are a mixture of copies of Britains Herald, Marx's own larger scale moulding, the Corgi animal mentioned, and other makers stuff...I think the girl with the bucket held low is from the uncommon soft ethylene range of 70mm farm from Elastolin?


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Hi pul - Yeah, but he doesn't do these 'crystal' sets!


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