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Friday, September 28, 2012

O is for Original Orientals

Except these orientals are Germans!! Continuing the slow progress of looking at the Blue Box lose figures, we come to the 50mm German infantry. Six poses including two officers and these are pretty unique - in the larger (50mm) scale there is nothing really quite like them. In the smaller scale however they seem to match the Marx 'Miniature Masterpiece' figures in all but plastic colour and pose, being the same height and style and having the same paint scheme. I wrote on my theory about that at length in 1" Warrior, but that's the small ones and we're really looking at the bigger ones today!

The main point of note is that some versions come with the separate base of the Farm Hands/Zoo keepers, which I ascribed to the Australians a while ago, and which comes as a moulded-on feature with some of the GI's we looked at the other day.

Again - there are better, worse and unpainted runs, and the small scale ones were copied by/licenced to (?) Rado/Ri-Toys, while other HK guys had a go at the mouldings, we'll look at them in better detail when we cover the smaller ones, but I've included a comparison shot above to give an idea of various types, along with a darker grey figure in the 50mm range.

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