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Sunday, September 30, 2012

P is for Prickle-Pins

Following-on from the previous post on Hedgehogs I promised some more, and these are they;

A couple of days after the nigh-time encounter covered by your intrepid reporter, this little chap (or chap'ess) turned-up in the middle of the day, rummaging in the long grass, which - I'm sorry to report earned it a bit of a back-kick from Jimijames. that well-known ravager of all things prickly or porcine! No damage was done, a young hedgehog got a lesson in where to go in the human world in the hours of daylight, and having clearly passed with distinction, got a reward of some watered-down milk!

Back in July, I managed to catch this one running across the lawn, and dispersing under the nut hedge.

He or she than appeared up by the pond a couple of days later, scruffling around looking for snails and slugs, two of the few lifeforms to have benefited from a very odd summer...well; very odd year altogether.

It was there discovered and flushed-forth by Frodo, not - as the more astute of you will have realised from the image here presented - a Hobbit, but one with equally furry feet, nevertheless.

Once the hair-ball had discovered that the new kid on the block was not a new playmate, and worse...prickly not furry...and particularly prickly to the nose, he first looked disinterested, then licked his tail, then had a scratch before fixing his gaze firmly on the yellow poppies the other side of the lawn..."What? Me? No, not remotely interested, far better things to do..."


Paul´s Bods said...

Haven´t seen any of our hedgehogs for a while now.
I´ll find that set..i hate it when my google fu isn´t up to scratch :-D
PS..Patrick never got back about the game instructions (?)

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Paul - I'll eMail you!