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Sunday, October 14, 2012

C is for Charbens

You may remember a while ago when I was looking at Skybirds figures (S is for Skybirds) and accessories, I mentioned that they might have bought some of their bits in, as the searchlight they used was the same as a truck-mounted one on another makers slush-cast lorry?

Well - this is the lorry I was talking about, I believe it is Charbens, and you can see that the searchlight is the same as the Skybirds one. Charbens would go on to use a Die-casting process with a mazak type alloy/compound, and the two lower shots are of later mini-scale vehicles from that range.

While mentioning Skybirds, here are a few more shots, courtesy of Mercator Trading who were carrying them at a recent show. We've seen a better tanker-refueller (also thanks to Adrian - I seem to recall!) but the 'under-wing' refueller is new to the blog and a harder model to get hold of.

The boxed set of figures is also really nice, I'm not sure how you are supposed to differentiate between the officers and NCO's though, there are only two poses in the box?


remaras said...

Interesting! The tank looks like it came out of some B rated animated SCFI movie. Are there such things like B rated cartoons?

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Remaras

I think it is a copy of their own larger scale metal Humber A/C, which was itself not that accurate and got a re-issued in even poorer accuracy as a plastic model right at the end of Charbens life. Last I heard it was being reissued by Plastics From The Past.