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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

W is for Warblers-on-Wirrel

Wellll, overrated in my opinion and I was always a Stones fan, although they are all sell-out litigious capitalist swine now!

One of the first words I remember actually 'learning' was Synergy (the first ever - in my memory - was People, taught to me by Mr Barker, headmaster of the village school in Heckfield, long-ago turned into yuppie-flats...pea ee oh pee el ee, it sort of rhymed!), and the reason I looked it up (other than someone had used it in a context I half-understood) was because like 'Egypt' it had too many of the odd letters in it to make sense! Suffice to say that the dreaded Wikipedia defines it thus; Synergy is two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable.

Well, if I hadn't posted the Spanish-made mop-tops the other night, and if the seller hadn't taken these to Sandown Park on Saturday, they wouldn't be here now...is that synergy or coincidence? It's synergy in my book, as I've seen them before and not bought them, but had half a mind to find some more Beatles at the show!

When I mentioned the other sets, the other day, I was thinking of a set of 70mm Hong Kong figures and the Subbuteo set, so when I saw these in a little bag, I was surprised by the size (54mm) and the level of painting which was much better than the larger ones (or at least - I think it is, I'm not sure as they are in storage so I can't check!). Not having any funds I hid them, rushed away to borrow some dosh off a mate and went back to see if they were still there, they were...and I paid too much for them! Moral...never rush away from a stall-holder and then come back panting with a large denomination note!

Then once I had them in my grubby mitts and showed them to the other guys - we were hanging around the 'car-boot sale' some dealers have on the terraces of the main stand while we wait to get in - they all said something to the effect '...they're not the big Hong Kong ones...' so it was agreed they were worth the effort, and means I can bring them to the blog while they are still half topical, I can still bring you the other two sets another day, and compare these with the larger red ones (I'm pretty sure they are the same poses pantographed up, or down?).


andy wiley said...

I have a set of these Beatles figures
marked Hong Kong C.M.V.
what can you tell me about them?

Hugh Walter said...

I was just about to log off...and have three minutes!

Not really Andy...Google and eBay reveal about 5/6 different sets of Beatles figures from that era, of which yours is one! I think there is some Wild West CMV stuff on the blog..otherwise i know no more than you...sorry!