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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

R is for Run Raumfahrer, Run!

Apparently there were only ever these four figures in this Hausser/Elastolin set/range, and while they used to be considered very rare, the closing of the factory a few years ago apparently turned-up loads of them, as they had been poor sellers upon release and the bulk of the stock was returned to the factory - if indeed; it ever left the factory.

They are pretty quirky, and they are - with the exception of a pretty straitfoward 'astronaught' who is quite far along the evolutionary scale from Perry Rodan (very popular in Germany) to NASA - not your usual 'alien' types, being a very hysterical 'rubber-girl', a rather soft-looking dino-grinch and a slightly more atypical '60's pulp 'lobster-man'.


Sam's Blog said...

they could be funny figures, but for my own taste, they are ridiculous !

Maverick Collecting said...

Hehehe! They are not to everyone's taste...they didn't seem to be to many people's taste at the time they were issued either!!


Gog said...

Hi Hugh, exactly these 4 figures appear in the last issue of "kult!" in the article about space/alien/robot toys. There's not much information about them, only Hausser-Elastolin and 1960s.

There're also other plastic figures (for example those from the "Plong" Chewing gum, although most of them are tin toys.

I find the figures great: great colours, great design, very similar to later figure series like the Trash Bag Bunch.

Thanks for showing these!

Maverick Collecting said...

Pleasure Gog - glad you enjoyed!