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Monday, February 11, 2013

A is for Accompaniment

I was holding this intending to add another figure I got at one of the shows, but then I encountered the original show report post here somewhere looking for something else or answering a question and realised he was Salvation Army, so these can stand alone as a bit of a box-ticking exercise!

These are the Circus Bandsmen from Wendal with a shot of two different base stickers. I don't know if these were also issued by the French 'partner' firm of Quiralu, or - if they were - how they may have differed? Despite being made in aluminium they are really quite finely sculpted figures.


Brian Carrick said...

Very nice figures Hugh, they were first made by Quiralu as the band for their circus in the 1936 catalogue. Wendal made them post war as the Salvation Army band. They have also been heavily pirated in plastic, I've seen them with red tunics and white trousers sold as the U.S. Marine Corps band.

Best wishes, Brian

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Brian....not mine - Adrian's!! I just thought they'd make a nice subject for a photograph. It's a Sally-A I did add to the collection, a very chipped-paint standard bearer....but thanks for filling in the blanks.