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Thursday, February 28, 2013

S is for Self-indulgence

 No toys here...move along...nothing Toy Soldier...keep walking...next stop some other blog...

Still here? Oh well then, I'll try and explain, but really you need to have 'been there' or have to be familiar with the back-story, and I have to be careful what I say, because - unlike some of the staff involved - I don't want to libel or slander anyone.

So, certain things happened, some more stuff happened, I was exonerated in an internal investigation, certain other stuff then happened which was outrageous, I held my ground (with the help of my Disability Advisor and the County Psychologist [try spelling that when you've got bits of brain missing]), leading to a Chief Executive's No. 2 making an assurance that doesn't seem to have been kept, which all came down to my kicking my heels in the studio today waiting for nothing much else to happen as our tutor kept wandering off to 'meetings' - a dangerous thing to do with no cover and a studio full of adult students with 'issues'!

As a result, and because I'd taken all my files off and cleared the PC's history, cookies and the rest of that tedious stuff (registry mend, disc-clean, defrag, etc...), I was mucking about with Google, looking-up Photoshop blogs and AutoCAD tutorials on Youtube, when I put the following in to the search bar....

....and got bollocks up as the first result! Try it, it works, with or without the apostrophe! Like I said, you really needed to be there, just take my word for it, it's funnier than it looks to you - casual viewer! And a half-dozen visitors (by request) will - I suspect - be tickled. I also suspect if you put 'Google' in any random sentence you stand a good chance of getting bollocks, but then everyone knows that!!

While I'm being self-indulgent, and for the invited viewers in particular, this was done by my mate Jimijames (who sent me the too-cool email the other week), he was also treated pretty poorly by the same institution and is now 'doing it for himself'! If any design company in the Southhampton/Eastleigh area likes the look of this and has an opening for a trainee illustrator I can put you in touch. I think it's very good and given he was 2D Autodesking a few weeks ago, bloody good, but then you should see his free-hand black&white work, sublime.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh.

Currently going through a similar experience from an institution, so I know how you feel.

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks Legion, I commiserate back at'cha!

I'm currently editing a formal request to QCC and the Charity Commission - among others - to ask for an independent investigation into what happened to me so watch this space, I've been carrying a wire all day, every day since 21st November, so there's plenty for them to investigate!