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Saturday, March 9, 2013

C is for Colecion not Comet

In the past I've thought these were Comet-Authenticast but I've now got enough Comet originals to know that A) they are multi-colour painted, and B) have separate figure sculpts for the Russians and Germans. These plain-painted US G.I.'s would however - seem to be from the original moulds as the Comet-Authenticast US Infantry and one has to assume that Birmania got the moulds as so many South American countries have ended-up with American toy soldier and European food premium moulds.

There is another of these kicking about the Internet, which has I think also appeared in a book somewhere, it shows a pink card with a red/yellow/orange rainbow boarder, but the contents are the same, and as contents go, very realistic.

A unit in combat will mostly be on their bellies (or kneeling behind something) not wandering and standing about the place as most war-game and toy soldier companies would have you believe from the contents of their boxes or catalogues! This set has a third of their number advancing under covering fire from the other two thirds - proper!

A close-up of the set, waiting at San Carlos for a good drubbing! It is unfortunate that so many of the prone figures are the same pose, but they are soft white-metal and could easily be adjusted at foot/ankle or knee/thigh to give a better representation of a group of guys behind low-cover.

The little gun is a bit fictional, I think Comet-Authenticast/Holgar Eriksson were/was aiming at a representation of the 37mm AT gun.

It's becoming pretty clear to me that Industria Argentina (listed in several books as a separate make) is in fact just the Spanio-Portuguese/South American for 'Made In Argentina', and not an entity in its own right at all? Given I've had over 150 hits from Argentina in the last 24 hours, it's a pity no one has thought to add that fact in the comments section of one of the Argentine posts for the benefit of all collectors who follow the blog...hay-ho - some people don't want to share!


David Scrivener said...

Google 'Rodney's Dimestore Gallery', based in Canada & on Ebay Canada.

He usually has a lot of Argentian hollowcasts for sale, and if you keep going back to his online shop, you'll gradually build up a good idea of who made what.

Maverick Collecting said...

Thanks Dave - I'll follow it up. These aren't hollow-cast though, they're 20mm solids, like just about everything Comet made.