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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

News, Views Etc...Airfix, Forthcoming Attractions, and Admin!

Airfix Blog

In the last couple of weeks I've added posts for the HO/OO Astronauts, Civilians, Cowboys and High Chaparral sets, with a further update to the Astronauts tonight. I will be adding new posts for the Wagon Train and Confederate Infantry over the coming days and will be posting more images on the existing ACW Artillery post, with Union Infantry and American Indians as soon as I've had another photo-shesh (a couple of weeks or more). I'll also be getting some 54mm/1:32 scale bits up, but they will be minimal 'page-holders'. So if you are an Airfix nut; pop over there for a shufftie.

Also - if anyone has something they'd like to submit to that blog, I'm happy to take 'donations' credited or not as you prefer, it's aim is to be a series of 'scrapbooks' set by set, so any conversions or painted armies/vignettes that can go under one of the old set headings will always be welcome.

Forthcoming Attractions


News on the maker of the iconic Soldiers of the World/Warriors Through the Ages in the next day or two.

Product Reviews

There will be three product reviews in the next week or so, two of which will include free figures, that's FREE figures, names in the hat for one, a more competition-oriented approach to the second, but the manufacturer is putting up several nice prizes, so keep an eye out for those.



Some of my eMails have been going straight to 'junk' - this is not a 'switch-to-outlook' problem, it's been going-on since at least December and has affected 'safe' senders, eBay seller updates, and commercial catalogs, so if you have emailed me recently and think I'm ignoring you - try again. I am now checking the junk folder, but with 300-odd mails going in there every day I may still miss your message, so give me - say - three days and try again or let me know through a comment here, I'll delete the comment after I'm aware of the situation.


I need two followers to make the magic 'Hundred' (which will be a bit of a 'Triple'; more on that later), so while I've never asked for followers before...if you like the blog...or regularly visit it?


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