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Sunday, April 21, 2013

News, Views etc...New Blog - Morgan Miniatures

Morgan Miniatures

A few years ago I helped my mate Gareth build a Homestead 'hosted' website for his then new range of 54mm Aztec Warriors and running into him the other day was asking after the site, he told me it had got difficult to manage due to changes and with him being busy doing other things (not least expanding the range exponentially!) it - the web-page - had rather been allowed to die!

"Well", says I..."why don't you put the range on blogger?"...cut a long story short; I popped round today to help him through the vagaries of a Blogger blog, which went well and after getting a blog stated, we had a fine roast dinner courtesy of Judy (thanks) , his long-suffering, who shares the house with every kind of figure you can think of!

I left him a couple of hours ago muttering "This is brilliant...left-click - another page!", so for those who have been missing the old website, here is the new one;

Morgan Miniatures

The range now contains all sorts of beautifully sculpted figures, most of which are from  - normally - less covered periods. The blog is obviously still a bit 'wet paint' or 'Beta', but will fill with wonderful things, so do keep an eye on it. I will replace the old link with the new one, and also put it in the blog-list.


I hadn't noticed the old link to Morgan Miniatures was dead, but no one told me either, so again can I reiterate, let me know any dead links you encounter, I can't check all of them all the time.


Don't forget you've got until midnight tonight to register for the set of Toy Boarders. There will be a much bigger competition in a week or so.

Airfix Blog

I've been updating the Airfix blog this last few days and seem to have found a way of getting them all back in order (scheduling?) so the newer posts may well migrate back down the page in a day or two. A Greek follower - Kostas - kindly sent me scans of all the figure pages from the 1975 catalogue and I've been processing them through Picasa and adding them to the published posts and using them to 'launch' posts that were still in 'draft', but were they were originally not as new posts, consequently the tag-list has changed somewhat, and stuff can be found there.

Following Gareth's gleeful use of 'pages' I will be looking to adding some to both the Airfix and this blog when I get a chance.


Anne said...

I popped over for a visit, but I don't see a follow option for him.

I'm doing a major overhaul on my blog as well. Right now it's driving me bonkers.

Maverick Collecting said...

I can only commiserate with you! Luckyly I said to Gareth before we started "You will have problems with the new image-upload system", three images in we got the pink line of death....

"While saving your hard efforts we decided there's something wrong with this do you want to ignore this message?"

...of course I fecking do! You retarded machine!!

We hit save a few times and all went 'normal'!!!

All I can suggest is stick at it...it's free!

PS...I've eMailed Gareth some Add Gadgets 'homework'!!!