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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

P is for Pink Buds of Spring

Well, we nearly had a nice day yesterday, which would have made three [days] in five weeks! But it just couldn't find it in itself to be that little bit warmer.

The blossom is struggling, the wild cherries have been flowering for a few weeks now and some have almost finished, but with few bees or other pollinators flying, there won't be much fruit again this year, the Mirabelle next door lost all it's blossom after a couple of the colder nights...

Frodo has decided that Spring is still 'months' away and has returned to the fireside, where he is clearly in seventh-heaven, only opening an eye occasionally to say, more logs - NOW please!


Anne said...

It's frustrating isn't it this Spring. My crocuses bloomed, then we had freezing rain and they died. Eventually it has to warm up.

Frodo has the right idea!

Maverick Collecting said...

Oh God! It's spent most of this afternoon snowing - that awful slightly icy stuff like polystyrene balls that we use to think the Inuit had a hundred names for but which it turns out they call 'snow' - like everyone else!

Still - I remember snow in May, in Berlin around '86/87, so we've a ways to go yet...

more logs!


M-7 said...

just received 6 more inches of snow/ice here more on the way...
-btw you have a wonderful cat!

Maverick Collecting said...

Oh Thanks! We'll get the tail-end of that next week probably!

Cat's not mine he's Mum's, I just provide a five-fingered surrogate sibling to get ripped to shreds once a fortnight!