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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

D is for Doctor Doubts Definite Defeat of Dastardly Daleks - Drat, Drat and Double Drat!

Some of you may by now have got the impression I have a soft spot for Daleks...I DO! They're brilliant, totally impractical battle-armour for jellied humanoids who have become the antithesis of humanism, purified evil...I have been sent this classified document, stolen - at some risk to the agent - from the floor-manager Dalek's office in a survival suit factory on Skaros - he threw an old blanket over the manager's head! They're building Daleks again...

Joking apart, this is my attempt to produce a 3D 'Solids' Dalek, and it's doing my head in! I have now spent two days on the shoulders (the base and skirt were quite easy), and it's still not right, the head should go together quite well, it's just a series of stacked dishes with a mesh screen (that's real-world mesh not 3D 'Mesh'!) and a bowl!, but the shoulder is a series of non-circular roundy-shapes with a single mirror-symmetry front-to-back, and all the centre-points are off the 'centre-line' (such as there is one?).

The dark brown ones were my final attempt to get the indent that runs round the cone, and by the time I'd failed to get a workable shape from either of the subtracts I tried I realised I'd have to start again with the green one at the back, which means doing the weapon-boxes again, and they took me a long morning to get right last time!

And to any experienced CAD-monkeys out there...is there any trick to prevent the WCS turning into an unknown UCS, without you noticing because you've brushed a surface in passing? That is; other than throwing a brick at the screen!


Sam Wise said...

Like I'm a Dalek's fan too, I can't miss this post!
Very interesting work: you're very skilled !

(the package is ready: a very big one!
I hope that I will send it very soon...)

Maverick Collecting said...

I'm learning Sam...I'm learning, but I'm still doing everything the long-way round!