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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LFA is for Low Flying Alien!

We always knew they could! Well...they did in the old movie didn't they, and one of the annuals! I finally got the chest/shoulder block and - specifically - the little plates of 'armour' to look half decent, it's still not finished, but after the best part of two weeks, it's looking good! It should be - it's given me several 'ice-cream' headaches and crashed the studio PC four times!

I need to do a lot of chamfering to the various shelves that run round the mid-section, but AutoCAD has decided not to let me do that now, nor will it let me put in fillets as a cheat, so now I know I can do it I may go back and do it again, after getting the chamfers done first.

I still need to sort out the chest piece, which still needs a couple of bolt-heads and a cut-out. At some point the two tool/weapons have come forward of their boxes "...while I wasn't looking your honour!" and will need to be pushed back, and the same boxes need little angled cut outs on the flat outer side, but otherwise well pleased with it and it's as far as I can go on this course really, so I need a job with a firm that will push me further...I can relocate?!!


Sam Wise said...

It looks really good !
I'm curious to see the final result.

Congrats Hugh !

Paul´s Bods said...

Looks good so far.

tomholio said...

Great stuff :) I don't know where we're at with 3D printer technology now, can run a couple off at 1/76th scale?

Maverick Collecting said...

Sam - finished it today, I tweaked the front panel, but gave up on the sides and realised I'd cut the little plates too short, but I'm hoping to have a few days on it with 'Inventor' after my exams, so I may still 'get it right'!

Paul - it could look better! But I'm pleased with it as it's taken me beyond the course skill level.

Tomohlio - Yes, it should be straightforward, I think you have to re-save it as a DRX or something instead of the DWG it's currently saved as (the above are JPG screencaps), but the BBC might have something to say if they saw it happening, and having just defended my copyright above I'm not about to break someone else's, even if my licence fee has paid for it!! But the turret, suitably tweaked, would make a nice Sci-fi gun-turret for Role-playing and war-gaming?