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Sunday, June 23, 2013

B is for Bladder-ball!

I posted these about 10 days ago and have tried to text them several times with little success, I managed to get the tag-list done about Monday and gave it a title last weekend, but each time I open 'edit' I look at these and get that sinking feeling; "Why did I ever start this?". Well, I know why I started blogging; to share what I know and hopefully learn a bit from visitors, but the thing is, I really don't like football, it does nothing for me and the overpaid Prima Donnas who partake at a professional level just annoy me.

Therefore, getting enthusiastic about something that leaves me quite cold is not going to happen, so little chat tonight, just the facts. I understand that some people love football, and if they want to add anything to the post via the comments, that might help the casual visitor...I don't hate football, I just never 'got it'!

Given away with Yorkie chocolate-bar branded Easter-eggs in the last few years; Hasbro's return to flats. The dates I bought them/that are displayed on the packaging are at odds with those on Peter Upton's site, I don't know why.

"Kar'm-on yoouu reh'heads...and...ah'ther kull'urs", the reds are arranged from earliest phenolic-based figures to late tampo-printed team-specific strips.

I can recognise some of them, the German National team particularly, as I always root for them when they play a UK team! What? I'm a stubbornly contrary near-professional iconoclast and half-German, it's begging to be done!

Goal keepers and throwers-in, various, ball handling for the use of, Mk's 1 - 4!

There, that's the players done, now go back and look at the pitch-side figures they're much more useful for crowd scenes, model railways and zombie war-gmaes, these figures kick a bladder about...Right! Sgt. Major - kicking a ball up and down the PITCH!


tomholio said...

Yellow-brown skivvy, blue trousers - have the Germans got Captain Kirk as keeper?!

Maverick Collecting said...

Hi Tom...it certainly looks like it!!


Maverick Collecting said...

Ah-ha Tom! I just checked your profile!

You commented some time ago (two or three years ago) and I found your blog, wondered if you had posted as spam or because you'd searched 'Toy Soldiers'...anyway, I though "Well, spam or no spam, it seems to be a free Album" and being a sucker for free stuff, downloaded it.

I absolutely love the tracks; Plastic Soldiers and Commander Straker and play them all the time!

I've recently gone back and found the EP, but I haven't played it enough to have a favourite yet!!

Thanks for enriching my life with some solid chunes!!! Hugh - 49-and-a-quater!