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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

News, Views Etc...Horrible Histories

Due to the vagaries of the UK postal system the review samples I should have got two weeks ago only arrived for me to pick-up this last weekend, so while I have taken a few hurried shots I haven't sorted them out yet. However, hopefully I will post the article in the next day or two.

In the meantime, the Horrible Histories magazine, published by TCS/Immediate Media - which I keep hoping will carry the blind-bag figures, but so far; hasn't - have two paratroops and an old-school toy 'plane on the cover this week. The figures are a bit crap and the flyer has Horrible History roundels, but if you collect the parachuting figures (as I do) it's worth a punt.

Farmer Giles and his cousin with their square parachutes!

The magazine is also running a competition for the new tranche of Horrible History figure sets, including the 2nd series blind-bags, although Worlds Apart have told me they're not ready yet. Presumably they will be by the time the competition closes?


Sam Wise said...

Funny figures !
The plane is quite "basic" but the parachuting figures are quite interesting !

What's this magazine exactly? Is it about something which can be seen on the tv ?

Maverick Collecting said...

Yes Sam - It started as a series of books for kids making history fun by talking about poo, puss, piss and head-removing brutality...all the stuff kids love. Transferred to TV and is now a major franchise over here, but Wikipedia would seem to suggest it is getting a wider following.