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Thursday, August 15, 2013

News, Views Etc...Absence!

Well...real life has intervened in various ways to ensure a sparsity of posts, eMail replies and other stuff in recent weeks; exams, interviews, family illness, broken camera, general malaise leading to a failed mojo...you get the picture! The only thing I've managed to do is to keep entering Paul's Monday Mystery Model quiz over at Plastic Warriors.

However I do have tons of toy soldier articles lined-up (some from so long ago I've announced them twice already - I think?), lots more macro-insect stuff, an overdue review of the new Horrible Histories stuff (well some of it), a coverage of the last Plastic Warrior magazine - also well overdue and which I must get out before the next one's due, especially as the blog gets a mention, lots of News/Views stuff and a new camera purchased yesterday.

So; watch this space, hopfully there will be a bit more happening here in the next week or so, but tonight I'm designing a logo for someone!


Historians have always been puzzled as to how the volatile, disorganized Italians could possibly be descended from the disciplined, brilliantly organized Romans. Similarly, the modern French are in no way related to the Normans, who were hopeless cooks but used to get the Germans to surrender to them. Patently, also the Swedes with their neurotic suicidal characteristics can hardly be descended from the easy-going Vikings with their raping, pillaging tendencies etc.

The answer appears to be that the Romans at some point in history went off to live in Germany with the Normans, and the Vikings emigrated to Glasgow.

Since the only things that the Normans and the Germans liked eating were babies, they left anyone involved in cookery behind. The chefs became the French and the modern Italians are of course babies. The Swedes wrote it all down and made a fortune from hard-core pornography.

From one of the old 'Not The 9 O'clock News' publications


Sam Wise said...

... well Hugh, we will stay awoke for the next posts... with pictures!
Funny article to finish this post !

(Glasgow is well known for strange events .... so why not for the Vikings installation !)

Maverick Collecting said...

Laughs (wink)