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Sunday, August 18, 2013

News, Views Etc...Plastic Warrior 151

Just as late as last time with the announcement this quarter I'm afraid, but still busy doing other stuff. The 151st issue of PW has been out for so long I think another one may be due!
Featuring this month;

* Over-moulding from companies other than Timpo; being Cherilea, Gemodels and (this author's) Kibri.
* An overview of New Russian figures by Own Production and others from Mathias Bethoux (regular commenter to the blog and French forum captain!)
* More musings on small-batch production and re-introducing toy soldiers to youngsters in the age of the PC-game from Peter Cole, with the emphasis on his own Replicants and a Pop-up Shop (which sounds faintly painful Peter?!) 
* Andreas Dittmann gives a 'show-and-tell' of some unusual knights by Acedo
* Alwyn Brice dips his toe in the Elastolin he hoovered-up while interviewing people in their own homes for Collector's Whatzit
* Daniel Morgan's Herald 'Notes now reaches the four original marked/unmarked Zang figures at attention and the later Herald re-sculpts.
* Book reviews abound with Alain Thomas's excelent Soldats Plastiques - Cyrnos et Jim and George Kearton's recently re-issued guide to plastics (published by John Curry over at the History of Wargameing blog) both covered, along with the one I'm to be having a word with the publishers about as soon as I finish my course...
* Giampiero Larizza's 'Converters Corner' features Britains and Airfix figures converted into WWII Finish troops with the summer uniform.
* What the !&*$? has question marks on some medievals (Cofalux?), WWII era Spanish (Teixido) and Wild West figures.
* Updates on...
- Heritage Toy Figures (HTF)
- Soldiers of the World by Dan Humar; seemingly inspired partly by the work done on this blog! Specifically; the North American viewpoint/Canadian issues.
* In addition to the Russians mentioned above - new products covered this month include figures from...
- HaT
- Expeditionary Force
- Paragon Scenics
- Tiger Hobbies
* Plus all the usual book-ends (!). No - literally, small-ads, news and views.
* Readers letters cover the mystery rocket-launcher from a few issues ago (Kemlows) various corrections of the last issues cover (something I corrected without highlighting in the last review), a reader asking if the Britains Para's could be re-issued (he needs to look at the new 1:72 ACTA!), Marx circus and Daz/Crescent also get futher info from readers.
* While  cover images this quarter are a shot of Elastolin mounted Normans on the front and a Soldiers of the 'Ages' cereal-box scan on the back

Get it before the next one's out!
[Another month or so?]

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