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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

News, Views Etc...

So - my announcement a month ago that I'd be posting more came to naught! Hey-ho, such is life. Here's a few bits and bobs to get things going again.

I'm now on Facebook, look for the chap with a drainpipe on his head! Although there are only 3 HW's - I believe!

Horrible Histories (UK only)
I will be getting a review of the latest tranche of releases out soon (days - promise), in the meantime I meant to mention that this months magazine has some nice pencil-toppers on the cover, and the first - of two - coupons inside for a limited edition all-gold figure of the Pirate - Blackbeard, his loose pistol being replaced with a gnarled-looking sword.

Unfortunately the issue is only on sale for another 24/48 hours, although they do still have some in my local supermarket, so if you get out in the next day or two you should be able to find one. Apologies for not bring it to everyone's attention sooner, but no one else has, so better later than never!

Useful Links
A couple of useful toy soldier related links;

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Anne said...

My goal as a blogger is to post as little as possible and still have a blog. Thus far, I have succeeded.

Maverick Collecting said...

My goal was world domination, thus far I have failed miserably...