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Thursday, September 19, 2013

T is for Timpolene

Following on from the mosquito post the other day, I have - since we last visited them - managed to get most (possibly all?) the missing figures from the Zang/Zang for Timpo/Timpo slush-cast and lead toy accessory ranges, so thought I'd photograph them while I had the Mosquito out.

The lying mechanic and chauffeur came with the other two mechanics in a large boxed set, more on which below, the standing soldier with helmet is quite badly damaged, well not so much 'badly damaged' as badly repaired! It looks like very old two-part epoxy 'Araldite' which is not worth trying to remove, so I'm still looking for a better version of this chap, and I have seen them in both green (bright like this bloke's red) and khaki helmets, so hopefully one will turn-up soon.

Then this turned-up on Saturday at Sandown Park toy fair, this is from the boxed set, it's not clear whether it's meant to be a tyre-pressure air-pump, chocolate machine or set of scales (and may well have appeared in a railway set as either of the latter?). Made of the same pumice concoction as the figures, you wonder why they went to the bother when you see that it came with 3 different lead petrol pumps?

The set (I saw one on Saturday but couldn't photograph it) has the three cast pumps, this composition cabinet, all three composition mechanics, two chauffeurs (I wonder if one of them might have been replaced with the NY cop - from the previous post linked to above - in some sets?) and four vehicles, all slush-cast with steel-axles and rubber tyres. In the set I saw at the weekend, the chauffeurs were the same dark-green as the cabinet, I'm sure there is a grey one as well.

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