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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

F is for Full-set Formed-up

Just a quick one tonight, a complete set of Tiny Trojan Brits of the BEF or Dad's Army type, I know I've looked at these before but I bought these at the Plastic Warrior show in May and I've just found the photo's while sorting out all the other stuff coming your way at long last, and it's a decent bit of early small scale, which hasn't had featured here for a while so...

...here they are. All the same batch - same paint, same paint scheme, same coloured plastic, no brittleness (which is rare'ish for these (Trojan) in any scale, especially-so in the smaller size.

We looked at them in greater depth Here when I didn't have a good set of all 8 the same, the majority of one set being the brown-weapon/black-helmeted versions.


Brian Carrick said...

Nice find Hugh, wish I'd seen them first!

Best wishes, Brian

Maverick Collecting said...

Well you must have had your eye on other things Brian? They were on Adrian's stall all day, and I only took them at the end! But then you went off with that resin artillery from Germany which I'd had my eye on...so all's fair in war and toy fairs!!