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Friday, November 29, 2013

G is for Guards - Officers

Officers, mounted and on foot - both at attention and marching...

At Attention;
Unknown (Charbens?), Hong Kong, early Timpo, late Timpo with black collar.

Hilco and a damaged Lone*Star (who may be a 'standing at ease soldier - not an officer at all!).

Crescent 60mm, Crescent 54mm, early Timpo, Late Timpo with gold collar and Herald...

...Lone*Star with 2 Hong Kong copies, a hollow-cast 'ghost' (Britains!), 2 Charbens with different bases and another Herald

Mounted here are Britains Herald (we had the saddle errors once before - I know!) and Timpo. The Timpo one come son a brown horse and two mouldings of white horse, one with the drooping reins and one without (is there is a difference in the number of plugs on the feet as well, or was that the Apache/7th Cav. one?), I can never remember which of the three is the rare one!

Likewise I don't know if there is any significance to the black/gold collar question? There are mounted guards by Charbens and others but they are somewhere else - so not photographed.


Anonymous said...

could it be the gold coller officer is for the horse not the legs and the black coller officer for the legs not the horse ?

Maverick Collecting said...

It could Anonymous - Thanks for raising it as I hadn't considered that...does anyone know for sure?