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Friday, November 22, 2013

J is for Jobber

The American for importer or wholesaler (all will become clear when I add a few pages), anyway; this British 'Brand' was like Giant in the 'States, Woolbro or Success (WHC [-ornelius]) over here; an importer and wholesaler of toys mostly from the Far-east (but also from home manufacturers), but much older, being a trademark of Graham Brothers of London since the 1880's.

I will be looking at some later plastic by Fairylite soon, but I thought it would be nice to look at a but of the earlier tin-plate, particularly as it comes with figures...how I ended up with so many vehicles in a figure collection in the first place!

Various shots of the vehicle, almost certainly made in Japan, and probably a pre-war (1935) toy - going on the patent code. And notice how it states 'Brit.Patt.Pend' ie the actual patent is held elsewhere, but we're hoping you'll think it's a British toy.

Litho-printed sheets of quite high quality tin are pressed and folded into each-other and held with a tab and slot arrangement. Figures are about 35/40mm again (earlier post this evening), making the toy approximately 1:48th scale. Although the crew is missing 3 of 4 so won't be much help at a big 'shout'!

 Two quarter-views of the whole thing. It would have been a fantastic sight under the tree at Christmas time, but only for the wealthy one surmises...A 'penny toy' it 'aint!

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