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Monday, December 2, 2013

C is for Catch-22

Do you remember when I looked at sprues used in publishing; Here

Well one of the more recent (2005) budget reprint's of Joseph Heller's most famous novel now has sprue! Not only that but it's credited on the back cover as being a vintage plastic kit of a B25 (North American Mitchell) Bomber, although it doesn't state what make, I'm guessing Revell or Monogram?

One of very few works of fiction I've bothered to read more than twice, hell, it's one of the few novels I've bothered to read more than once!!! I also always watch the film when it's on, it's not true to the book, but it's not far off and has all the set pieces of tragicomic craziness, or plain surrealist hilarity, I can laugh till it hurts reading this or watching the absurd logic of the human condition unfold on-screen.

The above version is at the Bargain Book Warehouse near Waterloo station at the moment (opposite the Old Vic), for next to no money.

Can anyone identify the kit?

Added 28th Jan 2014 - it's the Mattel-Monogram 1/72 Snap-tite North American B-25 Mitchell C24, thought one of the aircraft guys would get that one first...there's one currently on Todeccio-whatever-it's-called; the European collectors auction site!


Anonymous said...


This sprue seem to be a part of the old Heller/Revell B17 (1/72 scale)or a similar aircraft ...

I'm not really sure but ... just an impression ...


j (from France)

Maverick Collecting said...

Nice try J, but the engine 'nacell' (is that right?) is all wrong, I spent some time looking for a b25 the other night and their engines didn't have such a severe cut-out either...so still looking - I was hoping someone might recognise the crew as they are quite distinctive?

Although you might be on the right-lines with Heller - that would be a nice in-joke/pun.


Paul Foster said...

100% sure its the 1955 Monogram B-25J.

If you read through the description on the link attched it all adds up with the colour, figs and 6 5" HVAR rockets.


Hugh Walter said...

Cheers Paul

That would make sense, as the 'snap-tite' would have been simplified from it at a later date?


Paul Foster said...

The snap-tite issue was a new tool introduced in 1978, then reissued in the 1990's at some stage.

The snap-tite kit is worse than the original as its full of sink marks.

A pic of the actual sprue can be seen in this review


Hugh Walter said...

I think they're all the same beast Paul...the link's an H not a J, don't know where I got C24 from, but with a second boxing in '78 I think they are all the same beast? That's definitely the correct runner (I've given-up sprue for lent!).


Hugh Walter said...

I must have got it from the original auction listing! H