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Thursday, December 5, 2013

C is for Corgi Cavalry

These are one of those exceptions that prove a rule; getting exited about scale is a waste of time...

The figures being 50mm, while the horse is perfectly compatible with 54mm stuff. These came late'ish to Corgi if I remember correctly and included a horse-box and Land-Rover Country LWB. The little blonde girl being from the 'Corgi Pony Club', the other two being obvious!

The scarlet-jacketed postilion (?) is from the '1902 State Landau - The Queens Silver Jubilee 1977' set. He plugs into a plinth which also had a small corgi dog.

The last shot shows the size in comparison with a Britains Guardsman, as you can see the figure looks a tad diminutive, but the horses are quite alike, if anything the Corgi steed has a bigger butt as our friends across the pond would say!

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